What You Need to Know About Customer Service Training

Suppose you were shopping for tow truck Annandale VA and you come through several providers pop up, as a shopper, what experiences with any of the providers will most likely stand out? Customer service is a company’s opportunity to connect with customers, solve their problems, and show that you care. When customer service is well-executed, it can resonate with a customer for many years to come. Training your customer service team is just as important as training your marketing and sales team.

Customer service training

Customer service training entails coaching that employees receive intending to improve support and satisfaction among customers. It is an iterative process that involves a couple of things including teaching skills, competencies, and tools needed to better serve customers so that they can derive more value from products and services. Any employee that interacts and deals with customers is eligible for customer service training.

When hiring customer service personnel, there are some key skills you need to look at;

Emotional Intelligence

Your customer service team is going to be dealing with various customer problems, and probably, some which will need them to think outside the box. You need to get personnel who can patiently listen, decipher someone else problems, and emphatic with a customer. Unfortunately, this is not a skill that comes naturally to everyone. Ensure your customer service candidates display signs of emotional intelligence before you can bring them on board.

Good communication

If a candidate is not in a position to answer an interview question, how do you think they will be able to communicate with a customer? Customer service training is there to teach new and improved communication techniques. However, new hires should be able to showcase the ability to simplify complex topics and teach others new skills as well.


Resourcefulness defines the difference between responding to a problem with – I don’t know and – I will find out. Problem-solving skills, initiatives and creativity, and just but a few competencies are aligning with resourcefulness. Some of these skills can be cultivated through customer service training. However, your candidates should display some resourcefulness or at least be willing to figure things out.


While passion is not necessarily a skill, it is a fundamental part of going above and beyond as far as customer service is concerned. You need to provide a service that delights your customers and turns them into wonderful promoters of your business. Customer service teams need to display a passion for working with customers and helping others solve their problems.

There are different types of customer service training. new hires need to be subjected to training. Teams need to be acquainted with best serve customers and handle various issues that customers are faced with. Expectations need to be established as well. New hires should know precisely what is expected of them during training sessions.

There is also quarterly and yearly customer service training. This form of training looks at skills, competencies, and evaluation of results.

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